My name is Svetlana, I live in Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Ugra, Russia. We started breeding cats in 2001, for that time we've got quite wide experience and it's became an important part of our life. My husband likes making unusual furniture for the cats, so they've got lots of places where to play and what to destroy =). I'm a medic, so they always get timely help when they need one. We're doing our best to cover our cats with love and care. They live with us in the same apartment, what's why they've got such a good temper.

We breed bi-colours, tabbies, smokes and silvers maximally approximated to exotic and persian standards. Some of our cats are from catteries: Johnorah, Divination′n, Couronne and Harwood. Most interesting bloodlines are Johnorah, Scrimshaw, Candirand, Boberan, Sugarspan, Tehy and Bolo.

We thank Elena, Elisabeth, Lynn, Dorothy, Deb and Svetlana who let us take care of their cats.

Thank you for visiting us!

Svetlana Poteshkina


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